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Concrete Tanks

Our precast concrete septic tanks give Ontario home/business owners a reliable solution for wastewater management systems. Precast concrete septic tanks from Miller Precast Ltd. are strong, watertight, environmentally friendly, and ideal for any residential or commercial waste management system. We have a large variety of stocked septic tanks in our yard but if you require a tank that you don't see on the list below then let us know as we also do custom sizes to meet your needs. 


Stock sizes:


  • 800 gallon septic tank (Low pro is an option)

  • 1070 gallon septic tank (Low pro is an option)

  • 1290 gallon septic tank

  • 1500 gallon septic tank

  • 2000 gallon septic tank


Custom sized tanks may be available upon request. 

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