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Our History

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Darrell Miller stumbled on an opportunity to purchase well tile forms from a gentleman who was looking to retire. He manufactured well tile in his backyard over the next few years.


The backyard business grew big enough that Darrell built a new concrete building and expanded the product line to manufacture septic tanks as well.


Miller Precast Ltd. was established. Darrell's wife Joan quit her job to do the accounting with their new company. They hired a few employees to help with delivering the products.


A new paving stone manufacturing machine is purchased. Darrell and Joan's son Tracy oversees the process of installation and the learning curve of operating the machine.


A fire breaks out in the plant at night which completely demolishes the entire plant and everything inside of it.


The company moves to a 4,800sq/ft rental site and then eventually purchases the building.


Miller Precast Ltd. purchases the land beside their current land to double the property size.


The manufacturing facility is expanded by 3,000sq/ft and a new office building is built.


The manufacturing facility is expanded by 3,000sq/ft.


The manufacturing facility is expanded by 7,800sq/ft and a new batch plant is installed allowing us to double mix production.


The office is expanded by adding an addition with a second story.

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