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     Miller Precast Ltd. has built itself into a "one-stop-shop" for all precast concrete needs. We have been supplying Thunder Bay and the greater Northwestern Ontario region for over 40 years. Throughout the years Miller Precast Ltd. has evolved from providing well tile to concrete septic tanks and then into a vast array of products. Some of these products include manholes, box culverts, highway barriers, oil grit separators, bridge panels and much more. By producing quality products, Miller Precast Ltd. is now recognized as one of the industries "go-to" for all concrete infrastructure needs whether it is above the ground or below. We back this up by providing our customers, big and small, with innovative solutions and unmatched customer service.




Superior Quality – Made in a controlled environment

     Precast concrete is produced in an environment that allows for consistency. Since precast concrete is manufactured in a controlled casting environment it is much easier to control the mix, placement and curing. This allows for a higher quality product when comparing pouring in place applications.


Easy Installation & Availability – Saving time and money

     Precast concrete products save time and money. A big advantage for the contractor is that precast products arrive on site ready to be installed. Weather is eliminated as a factor. As with precast concrete, you can cast in any weather and still achieve the same results. This assures that superior quality is not compromised.


Strength & Durability – A long-lasting solution

     Precast concrete will stand the test of time. In some applications, precast concrete will have a service life of over 100 years. This is achieved by the ability to tightly control the manufacturing process. Between monitoring the materials, consolidation and curing, we have the knowledge and ability to precast extremely durable concrete products.


Efficiency & Versatility – Maximum productivity with minimum waste

     Precast concrete is a more efficient option when it comes to materials. As a result of the precision of precast concrete, material waste is at a minimum. Manufacturing costs are lower due to utilizing in house techniques. Each cast we do requires a lot less labour than a pour in place application. This allows us to pass those savings onto the customers! Precast concrete is shipped to a wide variety of customers for a varied range of applications, making it the go-to choice for getting the job done.


Inquiries & Quotes

For any inquiries, please call: 807-939-2655 or fill out the following form

Thunder Bay Office

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Tel: 807-939-2655

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Hours of Operation

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* We are closed at noon the day before long weekends*

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