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Well Tile

At Miller Precast Ltd. we manufacture well tile of high-strength concrete, cast to precise specifications. Our concrete tile are a long lasting durable option to ensure you get the most out of your well system.  A precast well tile will be watertight and worry-free. Unlike steel or polyethylene culverts, precast well tiles will not rust, corrode or puncture and are not affected by weather extremes. Our well tiles are manufactured to fit a variety of different lids including a solid concrete lid, a concrete lid with square concrete access and also a concrete lid with poly lid access.



Stocked Sizes:


  • 36" Tile

  • 42" Tile

  • 48" Tile


Select other sizes are available upon request but are not a stocked item. If you are looking for a size, not on the list above, give us a call at 807-939-2655.

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